A 5D Relationship To Money...
 Listen in to a group call with spiritual teachers and co-creators of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life Raphael and Jelelle Awen as they lead the group in an energy of exploration around money, soul purpose, and abundance. 

Jelelle leads a powerful guided meditation to activate your 12 higher dimensional chakras and bring in abundance energies with Archangels Metatron and Raphael, plus connection with your higher self around your desires for manifestation. 

The audio also features teaching contributions from SFH co-creator  facilitators Gabriel-Sequoia Heartman and Leena Colibri. The four of them that form the SoulFullHeart community share about their individual experiences around moving from 3D scarcity conditioning around money, debt, and finances into 5D experience of gift exchange, freedom from anxiety and unworth around money, sharing money within community without tensions or conflicts, shedding layers of conditioning around what money IS versus the energy exchange of love that it offers. 

They also talk about the transition of 'earning money doing a job' to providing for your livelihood through service of love and your soul purpose, for which they as a community are still in transition. Raphael and Jelelle also offer sentence completions that you can engage with to locate yourself around money and the templating-conditioning you received about it and how it could be playing out in what you are manifesting now. 

This call was originally recorded on February 4, 2017 via zoom. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about future group calls that you can join live (weekly starting in March, 2017), sessions with SoulFullHeart facilitators, writings, community, more videos, and more!

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