5e and the future
A rough layout of the ethershaper will be made available in an hour or two. At that time, I'll take the snapshot that'll get me paid next month. 

With this class out of the way, I will officially begin to translate some of my classes to 5e. If the grass ends up being greener on the other side, I can pretty much guarantee a shift of my focus directly toward 5e, which means much of my effort will go there. Should that happen, I'll still maintain a smaller Pathfinder presence because diversity is nice, so sugar daddy slots will still be done a few times per year in a worst case scenario. 

As an aside, I've felt the noose tightening for the last year or so and it's either 3pp in general or Pathfinder specifically that's getting harder to grow in. I've got to try something to keep the growth going.