6/14/2018 Komodo Dragon Style

Thursday! Raining hard again today. In the morning big shifu told us that a mayor of a city was coming to visit, so we’d be training in the covered area of the shaolin temple instead of in the sleeping temple. First we did qin na, joint lock stuff. George and Tello were teasing Dee by licking their hands and trying to touch her, so I licked my hand and went to touch Tello but accidentally palm heel struck them in the nose. They were bleeding a bit, and shifu asked them what they did to deserve it lmfao. Tello was a good sport about it. I’ve decided to call it “komodo dragon style” when I lick my hands before striking people lmfao

Unfortunately for me, I ended up being paired with Tello for training qin na. Tello has been here about 5 months, so they have a loooot more experience messing with people’s joints and pressure points than I do. Still, I think I ended up having a lot more fun than ever. On the way back to eat food, I noticed lil shifu walking back with his umbrella. I ran and snuck underneath his umbrella while he was facing the other way. He didn’t see me at first and when he turned back he let out such a shocked noise I just had to laugh and run on ahead. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud that I got the jump on him. 

In the afternoon we did sanda AGAIN. And by sanda, I mean with punched the air around the courtyard for an hour and a half. I try not to complain, and I could handle this like once a week but we’ve been doing it every day and I’m 110% sick of it lmao.

On the goofing off side of things, I’m almost done catching up Panda on Steven Universe. My free time here is largely consumed by me quickly trying to get different temple mates to watch the show lmfao. Panda is super nice and always shares his coffee with me.

In the evening we practiced forms, so I worked on memorizing the rest of Tom Bei since shifu said we could start learning staff form once we finish tom bei. I also told Alina that the real reason they lock the main temples at night...isn’t to keep people out...it’s to keep the spirits in. There are lots of spirits at the temple, when it gets dark you can hear them whispering...but they’re mostly benevolent protectors of the place.

I ran into Tello and mentioned I needed to give them some tv shows for their laptop, and I ended up getting invited to watch Avengers Infinity War with George, Tello and Panda. I’m not technically allowed in the boys room, but kicking it with the boys left me feeling super happy. We took turns trying to figure out which character each of us was most like. Didn’t finish the movie so we’ll finish it tonight. See ya!

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