6 Essential Reasons Indian Incense Sticks Are Used for!
Incense sticks are both spiritual and holistic, used for various religious purposes. More or less, every kid in an Indian household is grown up around the scent of incense sticks. However, history of incense sticks started from Egypt, although most people think it to be an Asian invention.

Indian incense sticks have proved their worth especially with their wide collection of scents ranging from sandalwood, musk to floral. However, do you know that these can also be used for a variety of purposes? 

Well, here are some interesting reasons about incense sticks that you should know about. 

6 reasons showing the usage of these sticks: 

1. Religious reasons

In Asian rituals, people burn three incense sticks according to Buddhist altar. Each stands for dambao (fun), fab (Buddha’s teachings) and tang (monks) respectively.

2. Spiritual reasons

It is a common belief that the rings of smoke coming out of incense sticks carry one’s payers to God and one’s ancestors. This brings a holy feeling of devotions and remembrance, bringing in a way of communicating to the other side with a religious aspect.

3. During yoga or meditation

Even western cultures have incorporated the use of incense sticks in their daily lifestyle. People are seen burning incense sticks while practicing yoga or meditation as they help to unwind and encourage people to revamp their routine.

4. Medical significance

While visiting an acupuncturist, one might see some scented sticks burning at the corner for driving a sense of calmness. Also, they use different types of flavoured sticks to help one overcome stress and anxiety as smell therapy is indeed one of the best forms of replenishment.

5. Bug repellent

Not only for aesthetic usage, but incense sticks also find their usage as bug repellents and are great substitutes of those harmful gaseous repellents laced with chemicals. To be very specific, citronella (lemon grass) is present as a component in such sticks that help to ward off flies and mosquitoes.

6. Brain booster

One have often heard that power of smell have amazing effect on brain. Smelling something good immediately calms down aggravated senses and helps them to balance. This is a proven fact by the scientists that incense sticks can boost the brain’s alpha waves and also increase mind’s ability to dissociate from body.

Different ways of burning incense stick-

1. Indirect burning

The form of agarbatti ignited indirectly does not combust and also involve a very different method of releasing the fragrance. It requires a separate heat source usually supported by something hot underneath like charcoal. This method requires the incense to be in a raw state and has been utilized traditionally for many years.

2. Direct burning

One of the most common and easiest ways of burning agarbattis is by binding to other types of flammable substance like roll around a bamboo core. It facilitates easy burning keeping the stick steady by putting it onto a stick holder.

Incense sticks are undoubtedly a prime necessity in most of the ceremonial traditions. They find their usage from religious events, to funerals or simply, to spread a positive vibe around the house.