6 Month Anniversary! Important News!
So guess what? Tomorrow (the 2nd) Marks 6 whole months I have been working on Entanglement, without a single day missed! -SKEE- As such I have some HUGE news! #1: The Pledges have been updated, finally able to include MANY things I wanted initially as many of you and the wall that my forehead had broken in knew. With payments for June in process, you can go ahead and change if you want to! #2: Milestones: We have some up now! :D Yay! #3: Aeon Points: The system that will allow your characters (translated to Entanglement canon of course) able to get into the official comic! Also in congratulations, for July's support in August, an additional 10 Aeon will be given to all supporters for this month! #4: And Finally, you may notice a LOT of links at the top of the Patreon - this is because I am going to be trying to pimp everywhere I can. :) Of course to catch them up, it will have to be uploaded once a day. The other sites however will remain 1 week behind the main website - but Patreon will finally be 1 week ahead! Yay! So yes, I'm super excited, and here's hoping for another successful 6 months!