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6) The moon
After a month traveling with Vaziel, Iatami spoke a new word, which was "why" and meant she did not understand. She asked him why he walked with her, and why he tried so hard to make her happy. He answered "love." Though she couldn't see his face, she could tell he was blushing.

In the time they had spent together, she had grown to love him too, for his wit and his kindness. She had hoped he shared her feelings, but remembered that he enjoyed playing tricks. She decided to test him, to make sure his love was true.

First, she asked him to dance with her. She took his hand, tried to guide him, but his body was still clumsy. He stumbled and slipped from her grasp. Determined, he tried again to dance, but tripped over his own feet. A third time he tried to follow her movements, but ended up falling to his knees. But he would not give up. If he could not dance with his body, he decided, he would dance with his voice.

He began to breathe sounds into the air, not words, for they had no meaning, but he put them together and made them beautiful. This was the first song. Iatami heard the care in his voice and loved him even more. But she needed to test him again to be sure.

Ever since the first storm, the world had been covered in clouds and a blue sky that hid the stars. Iatami had heard stories of the stars from Ularbien, but she had never seen them. She asked Vaziel to show her the stars. He had seen the first storm, and so he knew why the stars were hidden. But he agreed to show them to her.

He ran, as fast as he could, to the storm at the end of the world. Fast though he was, he could not get through the storm, but he called out to 'Nomos', begged him to pull back the clouds. 'Nomos' was surprised to hear someone speaking to him, and asked why he should move the clouds. Vaziel answered that if the clouds stayed, he might lose the one he loved. 'Nomos' knew that pain, and though he was weakened by his grief and the storm, he promised to call the clouds back to him whenever he could. That is why, on some nights, you can look past the sky and out to the stars, out and out and out into forever.

Iatami saw the stars and was moved to tears by their beauty. She knew then that she loved Vaziel with all her heart, and believed that he loved her. But she also knew that if his love were a trick, her heart would surely shatter. To trust him with her heart, she needed him to trust her with his.

She asked him for one more thing. She asked him to show her his face. Such a simple thing, but for him there was nothing harder. Nobody had ever seen his face. But he knew that his love for her would be nothing if he could not trust her with this.

Trembling inside, he slowly loosened his mask, and allowed her to pull it away. She saw his face, with all the right parts and places, but everything just wrong enough to be frightening, and she recognized that he was what had terrified her so long ago.

He expected her to be scared, but she wasn't. She knew that it was frightening, but now she saw it as the face of the one she loved. And she was not afraid.

His expression made it clear that he was frightened, terrified of losing her. She embraced him, speaking the word "love." At her touch, his fear fled far away, never to return. The rest of him stayed. He was still, not the tense stillness he had forced himself into, but relaxed, finally at home in his own body.

She took his mask, and cast it up beyond the sky to rest among the stars, where it became the moon. If you look closely, sometimes you can see the reflection his face left on the back of his mask. He still takes it down and wears it to hide his face from mortals and the other gods, so when the moon fades from the sky you can tell he is up to something. But when the moon shines bright, it means Vaziel and Iatami are together, because now he knows that he never needs to hide his face from the one he loves.