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6 Reasons Why Braid Is Great
Like I said before, I'm trying out a new style of video. I've always liked being informative and being jokey, but I've never quite been happy with the mix until now. This is a culmination of about a year of working on different videos on different topics that tried to get the mix right. I'm glad I finally produced something I feel is worth seeing.

Like the end says, I'm taking votes on what the next video should be. Backer votes are worth double because you are literally putting food on my table, so feel free to comment or IM me here with your votes and I'll add them up.

If you want more 'measured response' type videos, don't despair - I'm still working on stuff like that! I just can't make them all the time. It takes a lot of time (and emotional preparation) to look through the many hours of crazy people and the videos they make and stuff they write, so I like to pace myself when it comes to that stuff. Those videos will happen when they're funny enough to be worth releasing!

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