6 Reasons why Buddhism is a False Religion Philosophy
6 Reasons why Buddhism is a False Religion Philosophy

Mainstream ideology of Buddhism is to teach people good direction, have the knowledge to build a better life in peace and happiness in the present. Buddhism does not recognize a supreme being that govern human life, not blessed punishes anyone that in life everyone must obey the law's - Fruit, do good deeds, they shall enjoy being and doing evil must be retributive. Buddhism was a religion represents progress when there is no distinction of caste attitude. Buddha once said: "There is no caste in blood red along the same, no class in the salty tears". Also, Buddhism also expressed solidarity and non-discrimination between practitioners and followers, Buddhism is the view of the "Four we initiates", that is monks and nuns, Buddhists and Buddhist men and women all together is religious and if anyone has determined can be accomplished as the Buddha.
May all the learning Buddhist Buddha's path from Channel "especially Bodhi"

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