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6 Underground (Sneaker Pimps cover) by Venus Lens Cap ft. Psyche Corp.
This photo.. I don't know why it uploaded upside down on Patreon because it was certainly right side up on my phone and in my computer. But it was from yesterday when I went out to make the preview video for this song and take advantage of the cherry blossom season. 

I'm emailing the mp3s tomorrow* so keep and eye out on your inboxes! Also, for my Hangout patrons, the Hangout is RIGHT NOW (11am) until noon EST; hope to chat with you! We're doing a music link sharing hour, in theory. Starting with this song:

*Some other info:
According to Patreon's instructions to me, I should make the paid post first, then wait for charges to process on the first of the month, then send out the Things. I'm planning to email the mp3s to you folks as soon as the charges process. I'll be using the email addresses you've listed in your Patreon user-info, unless you prefer a different email. 

If you want things sent to a different email, just drop me a line at [email protected]

Something like "Hey Psyche can you send the mp3 to [email address] instead? I'm [insert link to your Patreon user profile]."

Also feel free to nominate other songs I could be covering, in the comments, if you're at Uncanny Influence or above!