60 Meters.... Let's Go Dutch
Amateur Radio got a new band at WRC-15: 60 Meters!

You're forgiven if you thought we already had  60 meters. Some... many... countries allocated either small bands or discrete channels in the 5 MHz region to Amateur Radio, although those individual allocations were all over the map... er, dial. But there's never been a worldwide, ITU allocated international  band. 

There is now. The 2015 World Radio Conference  came up with a whopping 15 kHz for hams on 60, and then restricted the power to 15 watts EIRP (about 10 watts into a 1/2 wave dipole). 

ARRL's Chief Technology Officer Brennan Price N4QX  tries to make lemonade out of this disappointing result, and explains where the roadblocks came from.

Let's Go Dutch?

 Some administrations pushed hard for a more usable allocation and power level. The Netherlands led that argument, and when the WRC didn't see things their way, they gave their hams 100 kHz and 100 watts anyway. Brennan says that's not likely in the USA, and might not last in Holland, either.

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