60. You’re not the only one who can scheme (1)

Jun Hua stays at her room listening to the news Xia told her. Yamin had returned from the Lin family residence. She is still dressed as Jun Min because there is something she needs to do in the afternoon.

“Finish the rest of the work, Xia. I need to go now.”

“Miss?” Xia is startled, isn’t it still some time before the time?

“I will visit Lin Hong first. At least, he needs to know how it happened to him,” Jun Hua said as she rearranges her makeup. In mere minutes, she had transformed completely.

The journey to the prison didn’t take long time. Jun Hua could see that Lin Hong is still curled up within his cell. The boy is still confused as to what actually happened to him. Seeing Jun Hua with Jun Min appearance comes in front of him, he feels terribly scared.

Jun Hua looks towards Lin Hong coldly. “Are you an assassin or a killer, Lin Hong?”

He knew! Lin Hong feels that his life will soon end because of what he did just now. The word assassin referring to him shoots an arrow towards Lin Kang. At that time, he did it sneakily, just like what an assassin would do. On the other hand, the second time refers to the accident near the cliff where his brother slipped off and he’s the one suspected as the murderer.

Jun Hua stares at the scared boy eyes deeply. This little boy always thinks of himself above others, but he never once sees the real world. When the reality of the world is presented before him, he cannot come into terms with it and become highly scared. He thinks he can become someone high above, but in fact he’s too scared for that. 

Doing something is always accompanied with consequences. He thought that he had planned carefully, but there are too many loopholes in that plan. He is not someone who is proficient in handling things like this, unlike Jun Hua who had experience it many times in the battlefield.

Looking at that pair of eyes that emitted fear, Jun Hua remembers the first time she comes to the battlefield. She almost cannot move, but she had to so she continues to move. She’s scared, but she has to overcome it over and over again to reach where she stands now. There is nothing that can be achieved instantly.

“I…” Lin Hong cannot utter any words out.

Jun Hua looks at him. “Do you think I can’t kill you right now?”

Jun Hua can simply take her sword and kill the boy. She can tell the emperor the truth that this boy had tried to kill a general. The crime of trying to kill a general from his country can grant the boy the punishment of dying countless time. And it would even implicate his family as they could possibly be killed for having a person in their family with that kind of plan.

Lin Hong face fell. Jun Hua is right. What can he say if Jun Hua tells the emperor the truth? His name would be completely tarnished and he won’t have any way to get out anymore. Execution will be the only choice for the emperor to give reason for Jun Min.

“Will you kill me?” Lin Hong raised his head, trembling.

“I won’t.”

“Really?” Lin Hong stared unbelieving.

“You’re not worth it for me to stain my hand,” Jun Hua said simply.

Another reason for her to let him go is because he’s still too young, only a mere 14 years old, the same with her. Jun Hua scorned herself. It seems that living in peace had made her heart gone soft. However, killing the person before her, she doesn’t have any interest in doing it.

“What do you want to do?” Lin Hong raised his head.

“You will still need to pay for what you do. Because you’re still underage, they will take you to the children institution and teaches you how to behave better.”

Lin Hong feels chill going down his spine. Does it mean that he is going to live with those rough kids for 2 years? The age for male adult in Ming Kingdom is 16, but the man still cannot get married until he’s 18. 16 is the age for them to start working.

There are many other problematic children there and he will surely experience how it is to live alongside with crude people and all. Lin Hong himself know that, but for Jun Hua to allow him to live, does she doesn’t afraid of his retaliation?

“Don’t you worry about me attacking you back after I’m out?”

Jun Hua smiled coldly. That smile makes Lin Hong understand; she knows that he might retaliate, but she doesn’t care. With the limited power he had, what damage can he do towards the general? And if he did that, she would surely make him taste living hell.

“You can try if you want, but don’t blame me for the retaliation.”

Jun Hua still gives him a change because of his young age and his scheme is not really directed towards her. She can give him another chance, but it doesn’t mean he can live freely. He will experience how hard it is to live confined for some time.

If he were to scheme against her, at that time, she would show him what the phrase of: ‘Death is better than living’ means. Sometimes living can be harder than dying.


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