600+ new interviews added for voting!

Season's Greetings! As many of you know, I spent three and a half weeks in September researching game magazines in the Tokyo National Diet Library. I found over 600 new interviews there, which I then spent the following two months scanning, sorting, and organizing. That work is now complete, and I've added these interviews to the master list for voting! 

There's really too much new and amazing material to summarize briefly. The material spans from roughly 1983 to 2003, and covers everything from major companies to niche developers, from classic games to minor/cult hits. I encourage patrons to take some time looking through it--it will certainly complicate one's voting choices!

Finally, I will soon be adding a forum where patrons and the public can ask questions about the content of these interviews before voting on them. There's so much material now that I realize it may be difficult to select among them, so this is a necessary upgrade. Likewise, I'm working on a piece of writing that goes into more depth about the research process, what I found (and didn't find), and how to look through these materials yourself the next time you're in Tokyo. Look for it soon!