Memory (Breakcore Remix)

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!!! I'm UNLOCKING this month's patreon song, which comes with a video & I truly think is something of a christmas miracle. It! It's a breakcore remix of the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats". Isn't that something??? Make sure to check out the video as well, in which I datamoshed some hand-drawn animations alongside footage from the movie "Cats" (2019)

The video should be up on my youtube page by the time you see this, but the AI bots are cunning these days and who knows if the downsampled, re-pitched, timewarped clip of Sarah Brightman will trigger any flags. At any rate you can download both the song and the video here at any time!  

Hope you all are staying safe & being chill and cozy or whatever you need to be to get through this winter, thank you so much for your support this year it means the world! (And if you're not a patron yet... well you could be!)

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