When the world was first made, many shades of reality formed alongside it. One such plane of existence is the Feylands. A beautiful menagerie of strange creatures, colorful flora, and never-ending twilight, the Feylands are a more whimsical and fantastic version of the world most people know. The barrier between the Feylands and the Material Plane is weakest in places where childlike wonder, dreams, and pure joy are present. Often, small tears in the barrier will appear near orphanages where children dream of forever homes, in the forest where imagination has no limits, and temporarily during the holidays when festivities raise the spirits of everyone around. There is one exception to this rule, however, and that is the Feylight Festival.

Once a year, when the days grow the longest, and twilight lasts just long enough, portals to the Feylands open across Arden inviting in the common folk to behold the wonder and splendor of this fantastical realm for a single night. Games of chance, magical performances, and treats to delight can be found just beyond the bounds of the mortal realm. But visitors must be wary, for if they don't return before the sun rises the next morning, they'll be trapped within the Feylands until next year. Runaway children, folks with nowhere to go, and those who wander often find a new home in the Feylands, and it's not uncommon to see these people at future festivals, this time running the games or putting on the shows. But the festival is not for everyone, and sometimes those who see it as an escape, don't really understand what they're giving up.

This year, a portal to the Feylight Festival has opened just outside the small town of Lowbridge. As the sun set, a massive tree, lit by ethereal lanterns, and surrounded by a glowing forest of mushrooms sprung up in an empty field just beyond the river. Many of the villagers, ecstatic for a chance to see the festival for themselves, made their way there, eager to partake in the games and shows. One such villager was a young boy named Ethan who, against the instructions of his parents, snuck out and made his way to the festival determined to live out his days in the fairy realm away from school and chores. When his parents realized he'd gone missing, they sought out a passing group of adventurers, enlisting them to find their son and return him home. Now, the clock is ticking, as the adventurers have only twelve hours to find the boy and bring him back before he's lost to the Feylands for a year and a day.

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