The town of Gullport was once a prosperous town. Built on a small island off the coast of Cressia, it made its mark by fishing the deep waters to the east where the catches were larger and fatter than those closer to the mainland. The town at its height had over seven hundred residents, virtually all of whom worked in the fishing trade to some degree. In recent years, however, the luck of the islanders has taken a turn for the worse. The catches have become much more meager than they used to be, and many families have had to go without. When one bad season turned to two and then three, a slow exodus began. Now, Gullport's residents number just north of one hundred.

One of the few remaining residents was Father Ezekiel. He prayed each day for salvation, only to be met with silence from above. Then one day, a voice called out to him, not from the sky, but from the deep. The voice spoke of power and hunger and, more importantly, salvation. At first, Father Ezekiel pushed aside this voice that he knew was not of his god, but over time, it slowly wormed its way into his mind until he could no longer ignore it. The voice promised to bring prosperity and wealth back to Gullport. In exchange, it would come back in six years time and take its fair share of the island's bounty. With no other options, and no hope in sight, Father Ezekiel agreed.

It has been nearly six years since that day, and the voice was true to its word. Days after the bargain was struck, the fish returned to Gullport in droves. Fishermen from all across Cressia came to fish its bountiful waters. The town was once again healthy and whole. But the voice was due to return soon and collect what it was owed. Unbeknownst to Father Ezekiel, or any of the poor souls who now call Gullport home, it was not fish nor gold it desired, but souls... one sixth of the island's population to be precise. It would call to them from the deep and they would answer, tearing their flesh from their bones and relinquishing their mortal forms to their new master, the Voice From the Deep.

When the boats stopped coming from Gullport, men were sent to investigate. They never returned. Now, a call has been put out for adventurers to travel to the distant island and discover why it suddenly went silent. If only they knew what horrors awaited them.

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