Happy New Year & Jump into January 2022 - Free Art

Happy New Year's Eve, my friends!

I just got the news about Betty White. The upside - the Golden Girls are finally together again. The downside - Betty didn't make it to 100. She was a treasure though. I'll be in denial for a while. 

This year has had MANY great moments. On the other hand, it's been filled with so many hardships. As Glennon Doyle has said, "We can do hard things." The past two years have shown us this, if nothing else. We are capable of so much more than we know. We also need to prioritize ourselves in order to help others. This has never been so clear. 

Do you have any new intentions for 2022?

I am going to make art every day in 2022, and share it here. That's my intention. That's my action. I am also going back to school. I have to have a balance between creating and learning. I'm planning to launch on Twitch, and make some haiku videos this year, too. 

As always, if you’d like this resized or made for a different device, please ask!

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