Moving slooooowly!
It's been a while since I had a page, or a tease of one, hasn't it. I've been spending a couple of weeks beating on a few other side projects that needed some love (or have upcoming deadlines). And a hell of a lot of energy on going to pole dance class to get myself in shape for being able to make a slinky black dragon costume work! Anyway. This panel is full of some of the reasons I've been going slow: I seem to be falling into a lot of detail. Again. I still need to draw some other people wandering around the background and maybe some other machine shop stuff, too! I've attached a high-res copy of it, so you can see just how crazy I'm getting on Henry's desk. I *think* it'll show up in print. Who knows? I've also attached a copy of my sketches for the next few pages. The wavefront of finished work slowly advances along the pristine wireframe of the story; someday I may actually finish it! edit. Oh yes! I should mention that Henry is a cameo of Savage Henry, who is normally a member of a reality-hopping "insect rock" band called the Bulldaggers. He's from the work of Matt Howarth, whose SF comics were a huge influence on my storytelling and visual styles. He's still making stuff; check him out if you don't know him already!
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