Vote on tags to add new leaderboards to Steam Hunters

Starting today, Steam Hunters users can vote for up to three tags (Strategy, RPG, Simulation, etc.) per day. At the end of each day, the most upvoted tags will become tag leaderboards, where users will be ranked based on the achievements they've earned in games that have the associated tag. The next day, all users get to vote again, and three new tag leaderboards will be added at the end of the day.

This will continue until leaderboards have been added for all tags that exist on Steam!

You can visit this page daily and vote on your favorite tags here: 

You can also browse your ranks across all tags by using the Rankings page on your profile. (At the time of writing, there are no tag leaderboards yet, so the tag leaderboards section on your profile's rankings page will be empty for the time being.)

On top of the daily three votes that each user gets, patrons and recurring donators get an additional vote for each tier of support. For example, legendary supporters are tier 5 supporters, so they get 3 + 5 = 8 votes per day.

Various other features/bugfixes

In between this update and the previous Patreon post, various features/bugfixes have been implemented that I hadn't mentioned on Patreon yet:

  • Fixed performance issues that arose when newly removed achievements were detected.
  • Fixed unlocks from certain games (such as Laser League) not being tracked.
  • Excluded removed games from the free games leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue with detecting unfollowed and unwishlisted games during profile updates.
  • Fixed issues with the followed and ignored game filters.
  • Added achievement search options, see image below:
  • Implemented mod tools to manually tag removed games and VR-required games.
  • Fixed an issue with a background job that caused VR features to no longer be listed on game pages.
  • Fixed votes for user-defined tags no longer being updated on game pages.

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