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Yes! A New Year's Ramble! Number 30, no less! I feel victorious.

This one's about stuff I lost track of in 2021, things I'm thinking about in the new year, trying to abandon perfectionism, what to share and what not to share, the topography of the Ojai Valley. 

Also: looked at a bunny, found some owls.

Transcript is attached for all you readers out there.

Stuff Mentioned:

  • The Big 2021 Reading List 
  • Libby
  • My annual workbook of choice is Unravel Your Year, but there's also Year Compass and a host of others out there.
  • A quick google for more info about Alison Bechdel's use of reference photos brought me to this newsletter from Mason Currey, who conveniently wove a bunch of material about it into one post. Thanks, Mason!
  • Tara and I found local labyrinths to walk via Labyrinth Locator, which is exactly the kind of old school website I adore. 
  • I'm gonna release my 2020 100 Day Project in a very low-key manner sometime this month. That's a promise.

Finally, The Great Seven-Year Patreon Anniversary Hangout will happen this Friday, January 7th at 12:30pm Pacific Time! I'm planning to be around on Zoom for two hours: 30 minutes of hangout at the start, low-key group drawing from 1-2, then 30 minutes of hangout at the end. 

You can RSVP here!



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