A serene and snowy backdrop, against which anything can happen. 4 Additional tracks for Patreon patrons.

3$ per month

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Thank You! I can't even begin to express how much it means that you're even at this page and thinking about supporting this project. You rock. You get the same access to the site that all levels (including 0$) get. Except now you're a supporter and somehow, magically, everything on the site seems to sound a bit sweeter! Additionally, you have access to the bonus alternate versions of tracks that I make available to Patreon patrons. 

Foundry VTTusers who are ALSO patrons of Moulinette https://patreon.com/moulinette can play all the SoundPad Sounds, as well as the Ambiences from within Moulinette's Foundry module. 

Note: To download and use SoundPad sounds anywhere in Foundry (scenes, character sheets, etc) you must pledge at the $5/month tier. - The Moulinette tier remains at $2/mo.

You should pick this level if Tabletop Audio is worth $3/month to you.
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