61. You’re not the only one who can scheme (2)

“You’re really amazing, General Jun Min,” Lin Hong laughed dryly. If his opponent is not Jun Min, he will surely succeed in the first attempt or even the second attempt. He’s sure, the one who leads the people towards the place where he and Lin Kang are, is Jun Min.

“You’re not the only one who can schemes to others, Lin Hong. When you’re trying to scheme against people, you need to be prepared as you might get schemed back,” Jun Hua answered. 

Lin Hong stared at that figure with complicated feeling. He hated him for getting close to his sister and protecting his brother. Then he hated him for being so perfect-no he’s jealous of him. But this same person is the one who opened his eyes to see the world he cannot see before. 

“Why are you helping me?”

“I’m not helping you,” Jun Hua answered. “Which parts do you think I’m helping you now?”


For letting him alive and telling him all of this, Jun Hua had shown him that the world is really big. He’s not as good as he thinks he is. There are countless things he cannot do and he needs other people. His arrogance is shattered at that instant as he realizes that this world is so big. This experience will become something that he would never forget. 

The time he will spend in institution will be hard, but he will survive through it and come out from there.

After sorting out his feeling, he remembers his family again. His mother, father, and sister are his family. He doesn’t really care for Lin Tang since the latter never once cared for him and only pushes him to be better for the sake of family name. However, he cared deeply for his mother and sister.

Lin Hong looks towards Jun Hua. “What about Lin San, will you do something to her?”

“What do you think?” Jun Hua showed the boy a cool smile. Lin San is not completely innocent. She is someone who had been scheming on the back too. Does the boy think that she would let the girl go just right that?

Lin Hong face fell. If Jun Hua were to do something to Lin San, she would surely have a miserable life. He doesn’t wish for it. He wants his sister to have a good life.

That cold smile sent chills to Lin Hong back, but he stared towards Jun Hua. “Please, let my sister go. Don’t do anything to her.”

“Why should I listen to you?”


Jun Hua stared at the boy deeply. He did care about his sister and Jun Hua feels that she can do something with that.

“When we meet again, I hope you have changed. Find the Jun family once you have come out.”

Lin Hong is stunned. “Does that mean…?”

“I won’t kill her, but I will still take some things from her. In exchange, you will work under Jun family after you come out,” Jun Hua answered. She won’t let her go without anything, but she won’t take her life.

Lin Hong feels that he had traded his life with a devil. But, he doesn’t really mind it anymore. His name would be tagged with this incident and he might not have any good life anymore. Serving under the Jun family, at least he can still eat though he might experience hardship.

“What about my mother, can you spare her?”

Jun Hua only showed a cold smile and the temperature of the room dropped drastically. That smile and cold atmosphere Jun Hua shown him tell him clearly that there is no way she would let Chun Maora go.

Lin Hong smiled bitterly. It seems the crime that his mother did for Jun Hua mother years ago cannot be washed off simply. Although he doesn’t know the detail, but to make Lin Tang kicked the mother and daughter out from Lin family residence, it’s surely not something light. Seeing how Jun Hua acted, he knows that his mother would not get any lenience when the time comes.

“I see… Is it impossible to change it?”

Jun Hua nodded. For those whom she had huge grudges with, she would surely makes them taste living hell. As for the others, she will just give them some lessons. Nevertheless, those will be the lesson they would never forget in their whole life.

“Then… What about Lin Kang?”

“He’s fine. You didn’t actually kill him.”

Lin Hong is stunned. He stays unmoving as that small figure disappears. At least, he didn’t really do the crime although he almost did it. It seems the way Jun Hua thinks is far advance than him. There are still a lot of things he needs to learn before he can match with the other party. This experience is hurt but it helps him a lot.

“Thank you.”

Jun Hua walks out from the prison and headed to the outskirts. There, two people already wait for him; Concubine Qi and her son, Lin Kang.

“I have already fulfilled my promise,” Jun Hua smiled.

Concubine Qi bowed her head and Lin Kang also bowed beside her. “Thank you very much Young General Jun. We will forever be in your debt.”

“You don’t have to,” Jun Hua smiled. She took out a paper with a detailed map in it. “This place is within the outskirt and under the protection of Jun family. You can stay there for now and let Lin Kang learned to be an official.”

“Thank you.”

“Learn well,” Jun Hua walked away. Lin Kang stared at the paper with determination. He hopes that he can be of use when Jun Hua needed it. With his mother, Lin Kang goes to the place in the map.

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