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The Wage Gap And Working More
I'm really fond of this cartoon. I think it came out well.

The Making Of...

This was a collaboration between myself and Becky Hawkins, with an uncredited assist from Dollars and Sense Magazine editor Alejandro Reuss. Here's how it happened: I wrote the first draft of the cartoon, and drew stick-figure layouts. I also did the lettering at that time (the lettering is a font, not hand-drawn). Becky approved the script and suggested some script changes.

Then I sent the revised stick-figure cartoon to Alejandro and Chris Sturr, the co-editors of Dollars and Sense. Alejandro made some really good suggestions for sharpening the script.

Then I sent the revised script to Becky, who took my stick-figure layouts and turned them into awesome black-and-white drawings. Becky pretty much followed my layouts, but she also added some cool details, like the baby pulling on Mom's hair in panel 2. (And look at all the great animation in the main figure over those four panels! It takes skill to make a character who is essentially not moving from one spot look lively.)

I took Becky's drawing and added the colors. Then I remembered that Dollars and Sense is published in black-and-white, so I redid the colors as gray tones.

What This Cartoon Is About

The wage gap is a subject I've returned to again and again in my cartoons, and I'm sure I'll do more on the subject. This particular cartoon is aimed at the concept of what "work" is - and the way that men's careers are often facilitated by the unacknowledged women who are managing their partners' lives and raising the children. For anyone with a family, the ability to work 40 or 60 hours a week at a career is dependent on having someone else pick up the slack at home.

Patreon Stuff

Thanks once again to all my Patreon supporters! I love being able to do these feminist cartoon collaborations with Becky - but obviously Becky needs to be paid for her work, and my Patreon supporters make that possible. Thank you for supporting cartoons like this one.

This cartoon has never been online before, so only the folks who subscribe to the print edition of Dollars and Sense have seen it before you (and even those folks haven't gotten to see the color version!). If you're supporting this at the $5 level or above, please feel free to start sharing this cartoon now. Everyone else (me included!), please wait until the weekend before sharing.

UPDATE: It's now public!

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