Paul called Auto-Truck Services in Colorado Springs today and it'll be about $1,000 to $2,400 (at the most) to fix our brakes (!!!!), about $1,000 for a new fuel pump (if that's the problem -- and we hope it's NOT!), and anywhere from $100 to $1,000 (if the entire carburetor needs to be replaced) to adjust the carburetor for high altitude (!!!!). 

On top of that, we still need FIVE new tires, too! I have no idea where we are going to get all this extra money, but I guess I'm going to take on a couple more jobs to make this happen or hope people contribute to our Patreon page (right here) so we can get these things done. 

The brakes HAVE to be repaired. NO way around it. And I hope our fuel pump is okay and we just need to readjust our carb for high altitude. UGH! Getting upset about things doesn't help, but I really wish everything didn't have to be repaired all at once. I'm still in shock over the prices, but I guess we just found out how pricey owning an RV can be. Since we live in our RV and use it as primary transportation, there is no alternative but to fix the issues to ensure safety.

If anybody out there needs a manuscript edited or proofread—or anything written—I'm a professional writer, editor, and writing instructor. Right now I can use all the **extra work** I can get because our regular income goes toward paying bills we already have (such as pet food, gas, human food, LP gas, and other daily needs for existing). 

My website is You can also see my rates at as well. I offer quality work at affordable prices.

In addition, we have all sorts of Ghouls on the Go merchandise for sale AND T-shirts that feature Paul's original artwork at 

We could really use your patronage so we can save up for these costly repairs. If you need help with anything else that might be within our capacity, e-mail us at [email protected] with I WANT TO HIRE YOU as the subject line.

Thanks in advance!
Bev & Paul Sninchak
Ghouls on the Go, LLC