Summary For December 2021

Jan 23, 2022

This is a list of content I posted in December 2021.

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Other Stuff

I sat down with Kerry McKeever to discuss his Cypress Abstraction layer for the AG Grid Data Grid JavaScript component. Video includes a demo of Cypress in action and a discussion on the limits of automation.

Some useful tools I've been using recently for adhoc web page investigation:

JetBrains have a test data generator plugin for IntelliJ

I added some optimisation for the Test Data Generation functionality of my Test Data Generator and Convertor application. Now test data generation is a lot faster e.g. 20000 rows of data in 2 seconds. Generate test data in your browser:

Blog Posts For December 2021

Automating AG Grid with Cypress and JavaScript Demo and code walkthrough of open source plugin.

Content created and collated for, Patreon and Social for November 2021

Adopting a Personal Approach to Testing leads to an adoption of an Exploratory approach to Testing, one driven by unique models, decisions, skills and sources of knowledge.

Patreon Posts For December 2021

I didn't agree with the definition presented in the book, so... a discussion about definitions.

I just released a blog post based on old notes.

I don't use the words 'Regression Testing'. But I do revisit concepts to see if my thought processes have changed.

I've had a week of 'I no longer trust browsers'.

Differences when hunting a possible problem vs testing protection code.

Notes after adding some data visualization into

Real World Experiences with Error Driven Development and Testing.

Deep dive to find information rather than rely on high level metrics.

November collated PDFs

Summary for November 2021

Regex tutorials, tools and games.

I added a simple GUI to my test data generation tool.

an infinite list of 'types' of testing but they often have the same underlying models, and some 'types' of testing are not 'types' at all.

Using questions as models

Agile processes should really be looking at the totality of what they build 'at a story' level.

Spreadsheets might not model relations well but the are easy to extend and script.

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