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“Hey Sarah, how are you.” I asked while she was outside tending to her flowers. “Good, how are you Fred.” I nodded,giving her a confident thumbs up. She smiled, Sarah got closer to me, and kissed me. Her kiss was like milk. The feel of her lips, dripping down mine, it was quite lovely. We were going on our anniversary trip soon. I hope she liked it. Alaska.

The sound of her moaning, was quite a delight. When she was feeling satisfied, sometimes we would have sex, just to feel happy. I know it sounds weird, but to me, I was a poet. And as such, I felt I need to express myself to her. When I woke up, it seems like time goes by so fast, I wonder why was that. Anyway, I woke up, and felt this calmness to her. Once we were done. She laid there beside me.

Combing her hair, it made her feel like she was the only one. I say that, because she was. “How are you sweetheart.” She just stared at me with her goofy glasses she always had on. It made her cheeks look puffy, kind of like a fat kids. “I'm good sweetheart.” She said, the sight of her dark, chocolate chip eyes looking back at me.

It made her look, innocent. In a way, her eyes matched her personality. Her glasses matched who she was on the outside, and her cheeks matched her beauty. She was kind of like a cute baby. All sweet and innocent. “Sarah, why are you amusing to me.” I said, she tilted her head in shock. But, was delighted. “I don't know, maybe, it's because you're so amusing, and you don't even know it yet.”

“What does that mean?” I said, she smiled, and kissed me again. “Fred, you just are. Your you, and I'm me, isn't that what makes love.” She said, I was shocked, it seemed to me, that she was more of a poet then I was. “I don't know, I think it's what you mean to me.” I said, Sarah got closer, and closer to me. “What do I mean to you.” “Honey.” I said, she kissed me, and again, it felt like milk.

“I love you.” I said, Sarah on my chest, feeling her index finger roll around in circles. My broad chest, feeling her oval circle head. Feeling her dark hair, long hair along my chest. Eyes closed, breathing, living. This was the life. Until, “Fred, could I tell you something.” She said, she raised her head above my chest. Looking at me with intent now. It made me kind of freak out, but not in a way that made me startled.

“Anything Sarah.” I said, She lifted herself up so we were both at eye level. Staring at each other, feeling mysterious, and not to mention naked under the covers. “I want you to pinch yourself.” I didn't question her, which was weird, because this was an odd thing to do. I looked down for a moment, and felt weird when I pinched myself.

By the time I looked back up, she had her pointy finger on my forehead. Then she said,

“Wake up.”

“Wake up! Wake up,Fred.” Sarah said, while having her hands on me, and gently tugging at my shoulders. It was fake, and it was only a dream.