Whoops. Just realized I haven't done this month's live show yet. Better do that in the next four days. When is best for you?
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per video
Pledge $0.01 or more per video
Patrons Only
See my videos a day early, audio downloads, and a monthly Patreon appreciation video!
$1 or more per video
You will get Early Access to my videos! That means that you'll be able to see my new videos up to 24 hours before they go public.

You will be have access to a .wav download for my videos so you can listen offline!

Your name will be included in a monthly Patreon-exclusive appreciation video, as well as be able to vote on what trigger I do in said video! This is a brand new reward. The first appreciation video will be posted in February.

Hang out with me in a stream twice a month and get Behind the Scenes content!
$5 or more per video
You'll get everything from the $1 tier, as well as access to my Patreon streams! There's two a month, generally about one to two hours long (we almost always go over), you'll get to chat with me, play games, talk about all kinds of things.

The streams are always on the second Saturday of the month and the last Sunday, both at 2pm PDT / 5pm EST. 

You'll also get access to a monthly Patreon-exclusive Behind the Scenes vlog! It'll include things like me getting ready for filming, bloopers, shopping for props, and other insight into the process behind my ASMR videos. (This is a brand new reward. Filming the vlog will begin in February and will be posted the first week of March.)

What happened to the hand-written cards tier?

Due to the high amount of patrons who chose this tier, it is physically impossible for me to include more people in the very long list of cards to write. If the amount of people who are currently accepting cards goes down, this option may open up again. I'm so sorry, but I am so thankful that people have such an interest in this <3 

For those who have already been receiving cards, that will not change and you will continue to get a handwritten card every month :)

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