Ok so today I am officially launching this page. Why? Reasons will be summed up in the video I will post on my Youtube and mirror it here. But (!) still allow me to say what I like about this and what I haven't achieved both with blog (low amount of people visiting) and forums (required registration): - possibility to post things and topics like on a blog without actually having to make a video (so like Youtube used to be before but is no longer) - possibility to share pictures, photos and links with you guys and show you random stuff I like or encounter during my voyages on the internet - possibility to hold some sort of competitions and related shenanigans - ability to review gifted games, show you guys what I like, what you should check out and, in return, receive same tips from you - for those of you who support me or donate I can do a little bit more than usual - if I gain enough money to even produce more video and content for you guys because there is always so much I would love to share with you and can't due to time/money/personal life constraints Believe it or not I am here not for the money though. I am here because I want to strengthen the community. Seems weird and like a bullshit lie but you should trust me ('cos I am a professional). I would rather have 300 of you here out of which 10 pledge than 50 who pledge and no-one else (this goes double for the ones who are active on Youtube - you know who you are, we interact daily in the comments). And I urge you guys to come here and interact with me even if (and especially if) you do not pledge anything. I don't want anyone to send me messages that they are sorry they can't or hear that they would like to but are for various reasons unable. I like you guys and hey, if you are willing to come here and talk to me, I will be glad to have you! Fuck the money, let's make this place a very special space for us. Free speech, love and all that kind of stuff (though thinking about it, love and free speech are usually in conflict). So lay it on me - what do you want, what do you wish for and how can I improve this place inb4 shitstorm. しかたがない、ルドルフさん。