magic missile
here is a little game for twitter, facebook, or any other social media venue that supports status updates. it was designed for my forthcoming little games zine. i'll be making a post on my blog about some of the things i learned experimenting with playing the game on twitter - i'll link that below. MAGIC MISSILE this is an improvised found image game of wizard battles for social media. (i've played it on twitter.) two opponents use images from the internet to cast spells and counter each other's sorceries. every round of the game consists of an image plus a description of the spell being cast and its effect on the state of the game; players take turns. (for images: has an image search; has plenty of people in stock reference poses. you're free to pull in images that you've seen before when they're appropriate to what's going on in the game, also: for example, album art.) one way to initiate the game is to tag someone into it. for example: @WartyWitch [image of someone striking a dramatic pose with arm extended] i cast MAGIC MISSILE at you! how dost thou defend thyself? then your opponent responds. always try to cast a spell that's directly related to your opponent's last action! for example, if your opponent casts SNAKE HAND (a picture of a snake extending from someone's arm), you might counter by summoning a SNAKE CHARMER (a picture of someone with a flute to their lips). your opponent might then cast FLUTES TO BREADS (a picture of a kid holding a long baguette, instead of a flute, to their mouth) to disarm your snake charmer. another way to start a game is to make an open call for opponents. that can look something like this: [image of a dog in a witch costume] it is time for WIZARDS' COMBAT. here is my champion. show me yours - i will DUEL the most powerful-looking opponent! MAGIC MISSILE can be played in a lot of ways, depending on where the players decide to take it: with photographs only, with selfies taken by the participants during the game, with magic: the gathering card art. the game goes on until both players agree it has reached an ending. a good way to steer the game towards its climax is to announce your ULTIMATE ATTACK. examples of play: