Welcome Welcome and Hello Birthday Month!

Hi Friends and Fiends! 

Thank you so much for supporting my work, my creative process, my upcoming events and treats to share with only you! 

I will be asking you what you want to see and sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months. It's been a rough two years but art, family and community have been a lifeline. Much of my world has shifted, shrunk and at times even expanded among so much uncertainty, loss and grief.

My goal for my birthday month is to sign up at least 10 new monthly supporters at $5, 10, or $20 or more to encourage and help me make time for my creative process and to share more of what I know with the ones who really want to get into it and want to know more. Can you help me meet that goal? Subscribe, share, cheer me on and help me build with you. 

In the meantime in-between time here are two projects I have done with the Queer Cultural Center. One was for the holidays but it includes brand new work and the second is a trailer for the upcoming new talk show/video podcast for Queer Cultural Center produced by Gwen Pack. It's called "Live & Queer" and it's going to be really fun, obviously!

Episode one features host Maya Chinchilla (that's me!) talking to Juba Kalamka about his band Commando, but our conversation goes on a journey! We somehow manage to tie together such seemingly unrelated things as: Run-DMC, Black Adder, circuit parties, Bikini Kill, Tongues Untied, bucket hats and a lot more I won't mention cuz I don't want to give everything away.

Check out the promo below and share, like and subscribe if you're so inclined. 

Show premiere watch party link will be shared soon!

Live and Queer Promo

 Subscribe to QCC youtube for the live show on 2/22/2022 and for information on how to watch! 

Maya at Holiday Soiree 2021