From Norma to Normalization

In this, the first installment of me talking to myself while pretending to talk with you, we talk about the idea, concept, process, and practical effects of normalization. What is normalization, and what does it mean? We talk about Foucault's understanding of norms as a means of social control, as well as May, et al's understanding of the process in the real of medical technologies. I mention the Institutional Review Boards, or IRB, and for thoses of you not involved in academia, here's some more about what those are and how they work: PROCESS NOTES: I'm weirdly nasal for the first 3 minutes or so, and the audio starts losing my ending sibilants at around the 10 minute mark. If I'm going to keep using this recorder for these chats, then I'm going to need to alter both my posture and my enunciation. Not terrible for a very first run, if I may say so of myself, but it'll get better than this. I'll be posting this for public view, eventually, but you my dear patrons, get first dibs. Comments welcome, as long as you're not straight-up jerks about it ;)

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