Another big thing for you!

I've come up with another way to share my patterns with you! 

Since you are my stitches, and the contribution that you make toward what I do is so helpful and important to me, I've come up with something I think (hope) you might enjoy.

You know how a lot of magazines lately are creating subscription access to their library of patterns? That's what I'm going to offer you now! Just by being part of my Patreon (for just $5 / month) you can view my collection of patterns! What do you think?

I have hundreds of patterns, and I'd love for you to be able to access all of them (in time)!

I'm working on entering them into Patreon, so that as long as you are one of "My Stitches" then you can access them. 

Since adding them is a time consuming process, I'll be posting them as they are completed. And you'll likely be emailed about them as they are available.

You can see which ones are up already, here. 

I want to know which patterns you'd like me to focus on first!

Please take a look through these ones, and let me know if there's anything you really love, and I'll make it a priority.

As always—thanks for being here! 

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