Rise of the Warbringers || Completed

A once peaceful city has fallen into the hands of an evil naga ruler, and now this sanctuary is anything but a safe home for supernatural beings. Things get worse when the naga joins forces with a human scientist to create a state-of-the-art android, a prototype weapon designed to stomp out even the thought of rebellion.

But the evil lord has a problem: his own son, a mermaid-naga hybrid with a fiery temper and inability to follow rules. As the human-sized deadly weapon becomes his new babysitter, an unexpected bond forms between them and the two have to stand up to the evil lord or lose their freedom for good. Joined by a werewolf soldier and a dying vampire doctor, these unlikely allies are set to save their beloved home and free their kind from the torment.


This story can also be bought and read on Tapas, where it will be cheaper since you can earn the currency you need to unlock the chapters! Also note the chapters in Tapas have been divided into smaller parts, while here they are in their original, longer length.

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Chapter Selection

1. The Little Hybrid | Free

2. One Android | Free

3. Hated Name | Free

4. The Premises | Free

5. Midnight Encounters | Free

6. Properly Introduced 

7. Punching Bag 

8. Bad Doctor 

9. The Slums 

10. Deal Gone Bad 

11. Catnip for Mermaids 

12. No Escaping 

13. The Mermaid 

14. The Naga 

15. Trip to the Zoo 

16. Plan in Motion 

17. A Pawn 

18. The Manual 

19. Just a Machine 

20. Good Doctor 

21. An Unexpected Find 

22. The Rebel Base 

23. First Impressions 

24. Warrior Type 

25. Painful Memories 

26. Starting Over 

27. Fate of the Mate 

28. Traumatic Past 

29. Nameless Bags and Funny Straws 

30. War Council Shenanigans 

31. Coming Out 

32. Gamer in the Making 

33. Reckless Werewolf 

34. Doctor's Orders 

35. Stargazing 

36. New Station 

37. Large Security Risk 

38. Betrayed 

39. Bargaining Chip 

40. Grounded 

41. Difficult Questions 

42. Invisible Vault 

43. The Code 

44. Admin Rights 

45. To Feel 

46. Selfishness 

47. Thirty-Five Romantic Scenes 

48. Trying to Blend In 

49. Plans Overheard 

50. Communication 

51. Closeness 

52. Giving a Hand 

53. Hunger Effects 

54. Rooftop Reading 

55. Be Brave 

56. The Raid 

57. The Aftermath 

58. Dirty Tricks 

59. New Allies 

60. Hopes High 

61. Stalemate 

62. The Traitor 

63. Bringing Up the Fire 

64. And Let It Burn You 

65. Little Bit of Luxury 

66. Lingering Suspicion 

67. Unexpected Ally 

68. All Possible Outcomes 

69. Communication Device 

70. Irresponsible Zed 

71. Empty Bed 

72. Taken 

73. Into the Sanctuary 

74. All That Remains 

75. Memories 

76. Lose the Key 

77. Justice 

78. We Are Free 

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