Fix for EA's Save Error Code Zero Issue (TEMPORARY)

EDIT: Download removed as it is no longer needed as of 4/1/22. EA released a patch that allows all saves to save normally again. If you had this bugfix mod in, please remove it now.

If you've played with neighborhood stories on, you have or probably will find yourself receiving an error when you go to save: "The game failed to save. Error Code: 0."

This is caused by several different pieces of data in the newly added neighborhood stories segment of the save file that are invalid. I was able to track it down to specific sims carrying the bad data, but unfortunately there's no convenient way for players to locate them. EA is aware and they're working on a fix, but until then, I have a simple bugfix mod that will allow the save file to save without issue.

There will be no early access period for this mod as it's fixing something that plaguing many players. As always though, I appreciate all of my patrons for the continued support. 🧡

Three things before you download:

  • Do NOT save from the manage worlds screen. The fix only works when a zone is loaded.

You won't get Error Code 0 on the manage worlds screen, but I promise, it's not actually saving.

  • This fix doesn't alter the actual save file & it will still have bad neighborhood stories data in it. EA's actually fix will still be necessary.

  • Be sure to remove this mod when EA fixes the actual issue. It will be redundant at that point.

Install Instructions


1. Open the "TwistedMexi's Error Zero Save Fix (TEMPORARY)" zip by double-clicking it, don't use any extract options.

2. Drag the "Tmex-ErrorZeroSaveFix" folder inside to your mods root.
That's it! Do NOT restructure or modify the files in any way.

3. Make sure Mods and👉Script👈 Mods are enabled in gameplay options -> "Other". Restart if it wasn't.

You'll know it's installed correctly if a save that was giving you Error Code 0 now saves properly.

EDIT: Rarely, the game may attempt to save faster than my script can take effect and you'll get the error. If it does, just retry one or two more times. It should save fine.

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