The Repurposing Center (public) 0.5.3(a)

Mar 31, 2022

Update: For those curious about what the next build contains, it's focussed on two new tasks/quests from Allie the furry wolf-maid, along with bug fixes and a new random encounter. If that sounds interesting to you, then maybe check it out.


Note: Thank you for your patience with how slow this build came out. I'm doing my best to remedy the situation and increase the pace of development again.


Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,919,249 words, and 2507 passages, so about 30k new words. The build itself is a bit of a mix of different matters, with a lot of  behind the scenes work. The part that took the longest was most  definitely the outfit system update/rework, which focuses on making it  easier to classify and detect outfits. This might not sound too  thrilling, but it will be very important going forward for various areas  of content, especially for the Fem/Sissy Trainer and other clothing-related fetish content, so it needed to be done.

There is also  some smaller continuations of content, such as the wrap-up to Tilly's  quest, the next Hucow Dairy story scene, and the first of the tier 3 Fem  Trainer Sweet Sissy narrative scenes. Tilly's romance path has also been fully finished, including a new 'good ending', which is pretty exciting seeing as that is the first complete romance option (apart from future sex scenes, interactions, and a related ending on the auction route).


Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here


The main content is; Outfit Category System Rework, Tilly Final 2 Dates, Tilly Quest Reward, Hucow Dairy Continuation, Mae Access, Transformation Pod, Fem Trainer Sweet Sissy Intro.

1/ Outfit Category System Rework - All outfits in the game have been updated to now have both a 'Category' stat and a 'Tags' stat. The 'Category' of an outfit determines it's major descriptive aspect (such as Dresses, or Suits), and is used in some instances for quick detection (such as Nightwear, or Uniforms). Meanwhile, 'Tags' are used to describe various other qualities of an outfit (such as Feminine/Masculine, Exhibitionist, Latex, etc.). In the future these variables will be used to calculate the style of the player, along with allowing me to make outfits generally more relevant to the game.

2/ Tilly Final 2 Dates - The final two dates in Tilly's romance path have been added. In the first, the player is taken by Tilly to a roller disco, spending some fun time together. Meanwhile, in the final date they both revisit Tilly's special place, with the player having to decide whether to commit to Tilly or not. Players can choose to have an immediate 'good ending' with Tilly, turn her down, or accept. There are also three possible sexual interactions on the final date (penetrating Tilly, lesbian sex with TIlly, or a chastity-based sex scene).

When the auction route path is complete a Tilly ending will be added to it for players who have declared their love for her in the final date.

3/ Tilly Quest Reward - Tilly's personal quest now has an actual reward, which will arrive in your mail (in the morning) the day after you complete it. Players will be rewarded with a new piece of furniture, which when placed will give the player an extra action/energy-point, and will also lower the chance of Bimbo walk-off's (where Bimbo players accidentally miss their planned appointment).

4/ Hucow Dairy Continuation - The next of the Hucow Dairy story encounters has been added to the game, seeing the player talk to both Betsy and Robyn about the Dairy a bit more, finding out about the regular Farm Competitions that occur.

5/ Mae Access - Players now have another way to meet Mae (the tech-seller). Players who have completed at least one quest for Felicity can ask her about her tech setup, allowing her to give the player the directions over to Mae's shop. There isn't currently any extra content with Mae, but I have plans for her in the future.

6/ Transformation Pod - The Transformation Pod that the player can buy for their Bathroom now works! Players can use it to quickly change their appearance in various ways. This uses a new coding technique I've been testing out, that allows variable updates to occur within the page, making it quicker to use (though it frustratingly as a few limitations stopping me from using it within stores as I'd hoped).

7/ Fem Trainer Sweet Sissy Intro - The first of the Tier 3 encounters has been added for the Sweet Sissy branch of the Fem Trainer content. In this encounter the player is gifted a new outfit, while Laura explains to them what their new advanced course will cover, and giving some hints to how this narrative path might end.

Other additions included; This build is rather broad in the topics it covers, and includes a lot of bug fixing and tweaks. New character images and clothing images by Silverjile have been added to the game, along with some major tweaks to high-end lactation production, and some fixes to the avatar image system. Perhaps the most important addition though is the inclusion of the highly requested 'Leave Apartment' button.

Change Log:

- Clothing Category System update - The clothing category system has been overhauled, requiring a rework of a large amount of the existing code (and outfit entries) for it. The previous system wasn't fully fit for purpose, created back when the game was more focused on femininity, so this update attempts to make clothing aspects more distinct, usable, and future-proof.

- Clothing Tags update - Part of the clothing system update is the addition of tags to outfits. Unlike categories outfits can have multiple tags.

- Fem/Sissy Trainer tier 3 framework - The basic tier 3 trainer framework for the Fem/Sissy Trainer interactions has been coded into place.

- Sweet Sissy (tier 3) intro - In the first scene of the Sweet Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player is introduced to what their new training regime will include, and are gifted a more embarrassing cute sissy outfit.

- Fem/Sissy Trainer panty check update - The panty check content has been updated to better reflect the branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player is on.

- Fem/Sissy Trainer rules framework start - The scene where the player is told they'll now be given panty checks has been updated so that in the future when more Trainer's do similar things it won't be possible for players to be given conflicting life rules.

- Tilly penultimate date - In the second to last Tilly date, Tilly takes the player for fast-food before they both have fun at a roller disco.

- Tilly final date - In the final Tilly date, Tilly will take the player to her special place for a meal. During this date the player will have to decide whether they are in love with her, which will determine whether she will be an option in the future auction route. There are also three possible sex scenes, one where they penetrate Tilly, one where they have lesbian sex with Tilly, and one for players in chastity.

- Tilly final date ending - Players who accept Tilly's final offer will have a good ending with Tilly.

- Tilly's panties display item - Players who state their love for Tilly will also be gifted her panties as a decoration/trophy item.

- Tilly Quest reward encounter - Players will now have a visit from Tilly the day after finishing her quest where she will give them a reward as long as they cured her.

- Tilly Quest reward item - The reward from Tilly for her personal quest is a calendar/planner, which can be placed in your home as a furniture item. When placed it will give the player an extra energy/action point, and will lower the chance of bimbo random encounters (as a result of the bimbo trait/skill).

- Tilly Quest reward item room description.

- Tilly Quest reward item trait.

- Hucow Dairy new story encounter - In the next story encounter for the Hucow Dairy job the player will talk to the other hucows, finding out about th farm competitions.

- Felicity Mae directions - Players can now be given directions to Mae's shop in the Industrial Floor by Felicity by talking to her about her tech after finishing her first quest.

- Transformation Pod - The transformation pod upgrade for the bathroom is now functional. Using it players can quickly change some physical appearance traits for free.

- Transformation Pod (Slave) Holder - A holder description for the transformation pod in the Slave Dungeon has been added.

- Auto Hygiene option (suggested by Remial) - Players who purchase their own bathroom can now set up to have 'auto-hygiene' an option where they will clean themselves before and after every time segment.

- Existing outfits updated.

- Clothing tags macro.

- Clothing category macro.

- 4 new outfits.

- Lactation tweaks - Lactation production rates have been lowered, stopping the bonuses from compounding together so dramatically. Hopefully this should help balance the benefits of late-game lactation without being too ridiculously profitable.

- Assorted typo fixes (Thank you AMagicalCampFan2)

- Gym description fix (Thank you smolbat)

- Removed diaper training references in wet/mess scenes (Thank you Joe,kerswisdom)

- Mae error fix (Thank you CboyC95)

- Mae tag fix (Thank you CboyC95)

- Clinic tail fix (Thank you JuliusTheSlouch)

- Fem Trainer bimbo path error fix (Thank you Nae)

- Type fixes (Thank you Moo)

- Typo fixes (Thank you smolbat)

- Chastity fixes (Thank you smolbat)

- Apartment leave buttons (Thank you Draco & CboyC95)

- Type fixes (Thank you CboyC95)

- Formatting fix (Thank you Anosse)

- Alice's Experimentation Lab formatting fixes (Thank you CboyC95)

- Pet-Play Trainer typo fix (Thank you Ayca)

- Blob monster encounter fix (Thank you puffdrake)

- Unicorn painting fix (Thank you DotVersion2)

- Riley first meeting fix (Thank you smolbat)

- Tilly Quest hang out fix (Thank you brotherthat)

- Fem Trainer piercing typo fix (Thank you AMagicalCampFan2)

- Tilly date fix (Thank you Charles Hinkle)

- NPC bed sharing description fix (Thank you smolbat)

- Random job option setting won't interfere with trainer tasks (Thank you Princess Poofbutt)

- Tilly final date tag fix (Thank you CboyC95)

- Latex puppy encounter chastity block (Thank you WubWubPwny)

- Transformation pod height alterations (Suggested by Alan Grand)

- Pastel pink sweet lolita headpiece fix (Thank you Alan Grand)

- Chastity fixes (Thank you Dorkulon)

- Sex stats in Tilly's final date.

- Doubled Rachel encounter chance

- Doubled ABDL Hannah encounter chance

- Doubled ABDL Sherwin encounter chance

- Avatar Hair fixes

- 4 new character images by Silverjile.

- 4 new clothing images by Silverjile.

- Updated gallery + game with artwork.

- Some new  variables.

- A few minor bug fixes.

Hope you have fun :)

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