Some more progress:

Tigra is almost done. She just lack her Avenger Power and new voices (I am waiting for the voice actor to send me), no more Rila voices 

As stated before, Tigra has two modes: Tigra mode and Hellcat mode, triggered by which palette she was selected with.

For now, each mode has one different move. Maybe I will expand this later, its kinda hard to edit new moves for her.

Tigra mode

(Jhfer did an amazing work with the smart pals)

Main attack - Cat Scratch

Jumps and attack. Once connects, does many slash attacks close to enemy face.

Second attack - Split Kick

Kim Kap Hwan feelings, but jumps high and comes down with the split kick 

Hellcat mode

Main attack - Wire hook

Uses her hook to grab the enemy. Once connects, she jumps and kicks him in the face.

I am terrible busy, but I hope to post more updates soon.