Cleaning out my costumes for new room for new ones. I want to sell cosplays so they can get a new home and be loved :) I'm currently working on Snow Bunny Nidalee so that one will be selled as well this year :) I will accept commissions soon so I'll open up 2-3 so make sure to put notifications on Facebook or here for my posts so you don't miss it more information will come then. If you can't wait DM me or message me on Facebook if you have Questions. I will post commissions opening on PATREON FIRST so the supporters there will get the first Chance. If you want it you can pledge only 1$ and you will get the first chance :) Foxfire Ahri - Selling the tails. If interested in the whole costume there is things that I need to fix before you purchase it which will delay it. It's a size S/M the fabric is stretchy and will fit almost any body Size. Kitty Cat Katarina - Whole costume. Ears, top, skirt, lower leg fabric, bracers, wig. If you want the swords I could sell them too. It was the first prop I made so it's not the prettiest but they are sturdy. You can commission me for new ones and it will be sent separate. Leopard Nidalee - Commissiond for a new or the old one. Everything except the shoes and spear. The spear is not transportable so I could only sell it by pick up. (Sweden) Spear head / full spear be Commissiond, and sent separate. If you are interested send me a DM, email or message on Facebook. [email protected]