Decretum With Lyrics: Completed Video and Download Link
Did I say this would be ready on Saturday? Well, it's 2:26 a.m. on Friday night, so I guess this counts, right? :P

As promised, here it is: a lyrical adaptation of Yuki Kajiura's beautiful song, Decretum, and the lyrics.

To download the song, just click the link below the video.


My beloved, what is your wish?
Hands and heart, they both are broken
I want to see you smiling again
If only I weren’t so afraid of the price

My beloved’s wish is my command
And my wish is my beloved
Your song of sadness has captured my heart
I want to hear you play happily again

So I paid the price of my shimmering soul
And just for a day I was so very happy
But my darkened tomorrow looms over me
Now that I have saved you who will rescue me?

I desired your love
And to hear your sweet music again
But now notes swirl ‘round my lonely heart
As my mind fades into the dark

I no longer remember my wish
The truth of who I am is fading
If my mind passes into the dark
Will I find your music awaiting me there?

That is all that remains of my dream