ScoreSaber for Quest is back!

Quest users rejoice! After many months of hard development from our Quest team (Optimus, RedBrumbler and Umbra) ScoreSaber for Quest is finally back!

Here's what you need to know

  • This is for Beat Saber 1.17.1, we are actively working on updating the mod to Beat Saber 1.21.0, this is next on our overall todo list so it shouldn't take very long at all
  • Replay recording is fully supported (replays will upload with your ranked scores)
  • Native in-quest replay viewing is in development, but it is possible to view Quest players replays from a PC as seen here 
  • ScoreSabers 3.0 UI has been fully ported over by our wonderful new devs
  • OSTs are supported
  • A Steam account is required for signup & usage but does not require you to own Beat Saber on Steam
  • If you have an old Oculus Store based account, please contact an admin to have your account migrated
  • Friends have to be manually added to /sdcard/ModData/com.beatgames.beatsaber/Mods/ScoreSaber/friends.txt (a better solution is being worked on)


To download ScoreSaber for Quest simply go here and follow the instructions

What this means for ScoreSaber as a whole

With ScoreSaber for Quest finally released & both the PC plugin & the Quest mod using the brand new backend we have finally caught up and can finally start developing some new features we've been promising for a very long time.

With an extremely clean & solid foundation creating new exciting features outlined in our previous posts will become easy & development is just about to become much more rapid

(our previous roadmap posted @ NOV 22, 2021)

Some Screenshots

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