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Crows gain access to: My tentative podcast guest list and production schedule, my tentative video production schedule, versions of podcast episodes edited so you do not have to listen to my Patreon plug and other 'asks' (reviews, social media shares, etc). You can access these premium versions episodes on your private Patreon RSS feed. You can also recommend guests for my podcast, and more generally have an open line of communication with me to offer comments, feedback, and suggestions about my podcast and videos.
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Foxes gain access to all of the crows' rewards, plus: priority questions that I will answer in a monthly video blog or in videos or podcast episodes, a shoutout on my podcast on sign-up, advance access to podcast episodes and videos, and access to an exclusive monthly video blog.
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Bears gain access to all of the crows' and foxes' rewards, plus: credit on videos as a sponsor, access to premium complementary material for some videos, and access to behind-the-scenes video.
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Eagles gain access to all of the bears', crows', and foxes' rewards, plus: mention as a significant sponsor on podcast episodes and videos and a private one-on-one video chat with Eric each month.
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