66 - Priorities
This song has its roots in a few different places. To start with, there is a song by Kevin Gilbert called "Water Under the Bridge" and I wanted to write something with a similar feel. In addition I had this piano riff that I wanted to do something with. And then I had these lyrics...

How well do you remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? For me it was horrific. My family has friends in New Orleans and solid musical roots there and watching it fall to pieces and look like the aftermath of a was zone was terrible. It affected me deeply, and at that time I was home alone (my family was visiting my wife's family in the mid-west). 

I didn't sleep for 4 days. I took part in a fund-raiser involving online poker and raised a lot of money, and while that was going on a lot of lyrics went through my head. Things like "The Neocon's have ransacked Rome" and "They don't seem to fix anything".

I don't remember who it was anymore, but at some point a newscast started talking about priorities. Everything clicked.

I wrote the song fairly quickly out of this morass of ideas, sitting at my keyboard setup. I came to realize that everything was going to be keyboards and a drum beat so I stopped worrying about how other instruments would fit in. For example, my bass goes to a low E, but in the transition to the 2nd verse I take the piano to the C-sharp below that.

believe it or not, there is guitar in the song. In fact, there are two guitar parts - one is fifths played on 2 strings during the verses and choruses, and the start of a solo at the end.

On the album this comes from (2008's "eleven/eleven") this song fades in while the previous song fades out - a song called MFBS. Two two songs couldn't be more different. I'll discuss that more when we get to that one.

At about the same time the album came out Neil Young launched his "Living in War" website. It was a website put together in conjunction with his album of the same name, and he let anyone submit material to it. So I submitted this song and it was accepted. It was interesting that, for a while, one of my songs could be be streamed on Neil Young's website.

Anyway, enjoy! The countdown continues next time!