Chapter: 8. Under The Sky
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“This way…” as soon as Alex and Christy were out of the cloud of gases and smoke, Alex was the one who showed way to both of them. He knew the twists and turns of the building more than Christy, so he just held her wrist and dragged her towards the west side doors.

Right after they managed to pass the final exit of the building, the open sky felt like an ultimate exposure. Only after few steps, they had to hide themselves behind house walls to avoid getting into contact of any “awake” members of House of the Yellow Moon. Few could be seen at different places, looting and hooting as Alex experienced before; but this time, though Christy’s feet stopped again and again, but Alex paid least attention to them and kept moving away from the populated area. At one end if there were the gangsters, on the end of the streets were the suited men of David Block who seemed extra alert to search through people.

It wasn’t by luck, but it was a logical fact that Alex and Christy couldn’t stay hidden for long from many searching eyes of NYSO guards. Eventually, they were seen by one and were immediately reported to others on their phone.

“Run fast…” Christy’s scared voice made Alex smile out of nowhere; probably he found it amusing that the brave girl who knocked down many people in an instance was now hiding behind him like a child. His grip on her hand grew firm; and soon they were in a nearby old building.

The NYSO men followed the area where they were last seen and desperately started to search in every building around the place.

Inside the abandoned building, Alex and Christy climbed stairs and confined themselves at the corner of the roof of the house.

They nearly fell down on the floor, panting hard; their faces were smeared with blood, dust and sweat; shirts were stained with red patches of blood at different injured areas. Alex closed eyes and tried to regain his strength.

“Why… why are you helping me?” while keeping his eyes closed, he spoke, “You’re his daughter…”

“I am not like him Alex” Christy spoke while taking deep breath, “I always had loved him; he was successful in his life and was my hero. I didn't know what my father was actually doing with people.” Christy’s voice became hoarse due to her emerging sobs. She continued:

“Alex, you weren't the first victim. There were others, but no one survived except you. It was my father who sent me to lure you into Artax Park city. I don’t know how, but somehow he knew that you might follow me. And then he made an accident and kidnapped you, created illusions to kill me and tear your soul apart.

”Christy became silent; her tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes and were absorbed into her temple hair. The silence grew louder between them. Alex turned towards her and gently wiped the moisture off her eyes.

As she had spoken, things had started to get in to sequence in Alex’s head. The broken pieces of scattered memories were arranging into a big picture. All the tortures and experiments, laughter around him and the ruthlessness of David Block; the particular memory projected long back towards 1990s when Alex was used as a part of Block's super vaccine experiment.

David Block, the monstrous man had performed the experiment on children. The project was shut down because the government thought it was too dangerous; only few people knew that it was worse than “just dangerous”. The experiment was rather like a chemical war of sickness and illusions which was arranged for David Block’s own black intentions. Basically the vaccine gave Alex limitless storage for memories in his brain which was enough for everyone in the planet; but it resulted into loss of learning from distant past.

Christy pushed up herself by putting her weight on her elbows and spoke more:“I didn't know about any of these experiments. But when I found out I went to the NYSO laboratory. First time I saw you, you were pale and blood seemed to be drained from your body; but your face had that tinge of goodness. I tried but couldn't wake you up then…” Christy leaned towards him and kept hand over Alex’s hand,

“The only way to contact was by connecting to your dreams. So I took it. I went through all ten dreams you watched and maybe don’t remember them now very well. Every single dream you saw was like a lifetime for both of us... It's like we lived all those different lives… and… and…” Christy lowered eyes before saying the last words, “and we really fell in love there.”

“Yes…” Alex nearly whispered it in her ear. He could kiss her and make her engaged to him in this real life too; make her the queen of his life…But it was too late now.

Rough kicking sounds on metal and wood had already grown louder along the fierce voices of men in the basement. Death was approaching fast, leaving them with no time to make promises to each other. They took deep breath and looked up in the sky while holding hands. The sunlight melted fast and the tint of dusk became sharper. The beautiful evening was probably the last dusk in their life.

Both of them were ready to face their fate.The NYSO men at last opened the door with a loud bang and within moments were scattered all around them on the roof. Gathering their energies, Christy and Alex got up growling at them and kicked and punched wherever they could.The injured ones couldn’t fight as good as the fresh and active NYSO guards who were thrice more in quantity. Christy was knocked down way before Alex and was nearly dragged to be properly caught by two people. As an ultimate action, chained clinked around her wrists; soon enough Alex shared the same fate of being beaten down and handcuffed.

The NYSO guards forcefully dragged them downstairs like animal slaves. A couple of them tried to spare Christy as they knew she was their boss’ daughter; but then more ruthless ones took over and kicked her from behind to make her move fast.Weakly resisting, Alex moved slowly as they commanded. Downstairs, the first face they saw was of David Block. He still had strains of dust and bruises on his face but looked pretty neat than the two love birds.Alex snarled at David Block but this time, Block only ignored him and moved passed him towards Christy. Christy was busy coughing and wiping blood off her lip corner by her arm biceps. Seeing him she became alert and stared right through her father’s eyes.

“Only if you had listened to me, child…” David Block curled his lips, pretending to show sympathy.“Go to hell!” Christy screamed in broken voice.

“So hopeless… so fruitless, you have disappointed me Christy. You, rather you both are doomed to failure.” David Block spoke in a solid and strict voice this time.

Christy dropped down her head and listened.“It was my mistake to keep the doors of my grand setup open for you… I should have realized that blood has innate nature that would only create problems.” David was striding in front of Christy and moving head in dissatisfaction. “I provided you with the best of education and luxury so that it might groom your shallow mind__ at least to an extent that you could acknowledge my lifetime accomplishments and praise them like your own. But you…”He raised a finger right at her and pressed the finger tip sharply into her forehead, “You not only showed your inability to take consideration of bigger scenarios; you also represented your whore like blood very well by trying your petty efforts to destroy my hard work.” Saying it, David Block gave a hard slap on her cheek that left a red mark of his hand. Alex resisted restlessly but was as helpless as ignored.

David Block glided a casual focus through Alex and again turned to Christy by pointing his hand towards Alex this time,

“And this man_ this housefly whom I kept at his place where he belonged; the basement and the cage. Yes that was his place and his rank, but you Christy, you messed it up. Only if you had let the experiment finish decently, today this man would have been holding the unlimited capacity of holding the data. Oh Christy only you could understand…” Block thumped his fist on a block of wood.

“But no, how could you” he spoke nearly in whisper, “Daughter of a slut!”

Hearing the words Christy looked up at Block in an extreme annoyance and spit her answer to his face, “Shut… up… you’re a monster. You killed my mother. I’m ashamed to be called your daughter.”

David Block sprung up in shock and maddening anger. In the next moment he pulled out his gun and pointed it towards Christy,

“Your mother was a slut who died. And now it is your turn”

Before Alex could shout or come up with any defensive move, the trigger had been pulled.

Blood gushed out of Christy’s forehead and dripped down her pretty face.    

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