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BiMonthly Tarotscopes Water Signs: Mid May to End June 2022

May 14, 2022

Many of us may be getting ‘no’s’ from the universe at this time, but that’s because the universe is working to ensure your greater future freedoms and to avoid you getting stuck in energies and situations that will require more effort/heart-break to release. So, hang in there. Most of us will be getting much more clarity and definite signs of progress after the Mercury Retrograde—possibly in late July and early August :-D For now, be weather-proof and keep those vibes high! It’s a wonderful time to meet new people and experience new situations. So, enjoy the temporary. It’s revealing some possibilities you may never had thought likely!

Love and light to you all!

Cancer 00:57

Scorpio 17:41

Pisces 30:13

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