Hi folks

Just a wee update. I know I seem to have gone walkabout. But I am still here, working with some old live recordings. I have been learning the ropes of editing software, which is slowly leading me into the new world of low cost, yet hi-fi home recording. So that's good news for my songwriting - in preparation for the album. And very soon, it means I will be able to share many songs, some of which you may have heard, but which were loud and live, but will be slightly enhanced, to bring out their best. Thank you for your patience. And remember, even if you cancel your monthly pledge, I already have your email and contact details, so I can send you the final album, and any other goodies, such as artwork and tickets for the inevitable live shows. Spring is about to be sprung....and soon I shall spring some new ear candy (and maybe another cheeky little video) on y'all. All the very best! Rachael