Edited Feb. 1st, 2018. See previous version here. 

For as long as you pledge, you will be charged on the 1st of every month –not at the time of pledging— and receive your rewards on the 15th of the following month. 

The currency is USD.

For example, If you pledge in June, you will receive the June rewards on July 15th. If you pledge on July 1st, you will receive July's rewards on August 15th.

You will not get your rewards through downloads but as a message in the Patreon inbox system. Check your inbox and your email for them!

Rewards will never be sent out before the 15th in order to make sure your payment has been processed and to prevent fraudulent charges. In case of a delay- due to some unforeseen circumstances- it will always be sent out no later than the 18th.

If you didn't get your rewards, please check your inbox first, your emails and then your payment history on your credit card/Paypal to see if the payment went through. 

  • If it did, email me at [email protected] with valid proof saying you're missing your rewards and I'll see what we can do. You'll be asked to re-pledge (you will not be charged) and I can account for what rewards you missed through your pledge history.
  • If it did not, then you withdrew your pledge too early and I cannot process your rewards.

If you missed a previous month’s reward, some of them will be available on gumroad: 


$1 tier: Tip Jar

As-is, absolutely no-frills way to support my comics. Once in a while there will be something for this tier (such as a thank you card) but don't expect a lot.

$2 tier: Early Access

Gain early access to some of my works before it's released to the public. Participate in polls, surveys, feedback and reader's questions that I will potentially answer at the end of each chapter!

  • Access to patreon archives
  • 15-30 day early access to public content
  • Character popularity polls, illustration polls, etc.
  • Surveys/feedback for future plot development and patreon 
  • Potential answers to reader's questions that
  • Occasional exclusive content

$5 tier: Casual Fan

Access to previous tier rewards, my patron-only feed featuring sneak peeks of artwork, sketches, WIPs, comic page snapshots and other content in all its ugly development glory.  

  • $1 and $2 tier rewards
  • Patron-only feed
  • WIPS of artwork, sketches and comic page snapshots
  • Character, lore and world-building concepts and concept art

$10 tier: Dedicated Fan 

Access to all tier rewards, 24-hour early comic page access in their original size (Tuesdays and Thursdays), credit to your support on each page of updates and bonus chapters only be available to patrons and in future printed editions of my works.  

  • All tier rewards
  • 24-hour early access to comic pages in their original page size
  • Your name credited as a supporter for each update or end-of-the-month comic update
  • Bonus chapters not available online that is being saved for print


  • Giveaways/raffles. These go against Patreon's terms of service outlined here since it can violate gambling laws.
  • NSFW stuff. I have nothing against NSFW art, but don't expect any porn in here at all. Sometimes nudity, sometimes sexual themes but never anything explicit.
  • Critiques, video reviews. I'm not video savvy and I'm not into showing my face on camera. I can do personal art critiques but only in writing, not video based.