This is an illustration about my overall plans and aims for future.  As you see, if I successfully hit my target, I will setup the people and other background settings in Mad World to give it a stable foundation for the happenings in future within year 2017 and around year 2018. I will bring the comic series MAD WORLD to a whole new level. 

In 2019,  I planned to collaborate with other artists as I hope that one day I am able to create a book that containing different art styles (at least 10) together with different stories and possibly create a game for it(Hope I can find one Game developer who is interest in this idea :v). If it is successfully created, it is kinda like creating a macroscopic scale of fantasy worlds that connect together. One of the perfect example of game is Kingdom Hearts which inspires me and influence me a lot but this one is kinda different as the story is specially designed separately with distinctive arts. 

This plan maybe big and crazy and probably naive to you but I do believe that every great dreams seem to be impossible at first, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. ~Christopher Reeve. Meanwhile in 2020, I will start to reinforce the plan in whole new mysterious comic series with separated sessions and these could possibly took 15 years long or more. The reason for the series to took such a long time is because I've planned it since 16 years old and and it divides into several seasons. If it successfully achieved, it will be a complete set of one shonen jump manga. Why I am not launching it now is because my background art is kinda weak now so I need more practice to design the place and environment I wish to present in the comic.  

Still, all of these plan only achievable through your genuine support. When the pledges are sufficient for my living support, then i can assure you guys i am ready to execute these plans one by one to the world and bring the wonders and excitement to you all. :D Again, I am really appreciated to those who keep support this project and make the plans achievable!