We found the Perfect Place.  A bright, clean shop space in Arcata that was designed as a Contractors design studio, this 640 sq ft. shop has built in lettering stations, a computer desk, a work station as well as a perfect cubby to make a Gilding station (which we lovingly call The Love Shack or Gildies Palladium Station).  This means the cost of moving in and furnishing the school will be minimal.  There are East, South and West windows make the space warm and bright, perfect for someone healing from head trauma.  There is safe parking in a safe neighborhood.   

Downstairs a paint bench is built in and ready for our paints and empty cans to mix.  An ADA bathroom, and plenty of space to cut signs to spec, sand and paint them.  Not to mention that Bernie the neon-glass guy is right next door, so who knows what collaborations will come alive.  Your donation could lead to Humboldt County becoming a Neon Sign Destination.

The landlords are down home contractors who are offering us rent well below market value in support of our vision.  The day we drove around looking for shop space I had a visceral reaction to finding this shop, as if I had come home and was walking into a hug from my Guardian Angel.  Not to mention it is a professional shop designed for the work we do.  And there is sun, which is a rare thing in Arcata.

Come be part of the vision.  We can offering lettering workshops to people all over the world, at all levels of being.