August Progress!
I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Speaking of Labor Day, this labor of love is rockin' it! By any measure, Woohooligan is doing awesome and I can't thank you enough! :D We're already doing a lot better with Woohooligan than the vast majority of comic creators on Patreon! This is despite a BOAT LOAD of setbacks this year (moving my mom across country, losing the car and taking on new car payments, etc).

Also, to be honest, we were well ahead of most webcomic authors long before I even created the Patreon. I first published Woohooligan ten years ago! Most webcomic authors give up within the first year or two. So I proved that I'm sticking around to make you guys laugh for years to come! :D I earned $83 this past month, and I reinvested all of that and more straight back into the laugh machine!

Income: $83.00
Expenses: $115.00
Advertising: $100.00
Shopping Cart: $15.00
Net: -$32.00

That being the case, I'm still behind on my goal for the year, even after I recently extended it to the end of next year due to all the unexpected setbacks that were out of my control. This means rolling up my sleeves even further and finding a smarter way to improve growth. Maybe that's hiring a marketing person I can afford, or maybe that's just continuing to improve my own promotion, I'm still not sure. Either way, changes and improvements are coming. :D

I extended this out a couple months and added the projection line to show where growth is currently headed. I expect to do a bit better than that projection line because I plan to improve promotion.

So what have I accomplished with my 40 hours/week in August?

Some friends of ours bought their first house this past month and they had a housewarming/birthday party a week or so ago and between that and a couple of other outings with friends I found myself unusually drained and my blood-sugar was high. It wasn't dangerously so, but it worried me until Tiffany reminded me that the diabetes causes my blood sugar to spike any time I'm sick. Apparenlty I cought a mild cold from my son Nick and hadn't realized it. :P And I laid off my workout routine for several days because I didn't want it to keep me sick. (I'm up to 18 chin-ups!) Despite that, I still updated the banners on my goals page with several new ones I made from the recent Batman and Star Wars comics. Everybody loved those comics, so now you can use those images to link to Woohooligan from your own site!

Before I forget, I want to remind everyone that I published links to all the eBooks for the Dilithium Members! Patreon continues improving their site and they put me in the beta for a new profile layout and content tags. I spent two days tagging the entire archive. This is great because prior to this the navigation for Patreon was pretty awful for you guys. If you were looking for a particular comic it was really hard to find anything. Now there's a link where you can see just the bonus comics. There's also a date filter if you know about what month I published something.

Comic Pages: 5 (3 updates)
I'm including the Star Wars comic in this because I spent most of a week working on it and missed the midnight deadline by only a few hours. So even though I published it a couple days after the end of the month, all the work was done in that last week. In between my brother-in-law being in town for a week this month also brought us the somewhat irregular Open Letter To Hecklers. While it's not a comic, there are some good cathartic laughs in there, go have a look! :D

To be fair, I'm killing it! I set the goal originally that I would produce at least two pages per month once the comic is earning me roughly $1/hr ($157/month at 40hrs/week). I produced five pages this month and have consistently produced more content than promised every month for eight straight months despite massive setbacks this year! No more apologies from me, because I rock this fucker! :D

Bonus Content:
No NSFW bonus again in August. I published the batman bonus July 28th and then when I noticed I hadn't published a bonus in August, I rushed to finish the Star Wars bonus the last week. A lot of time and love goes into these three page spreads like these Batman and Star Wars comics. So I didn't manage to get the bonus content out in August, which is unfortunate. Going forward I'll work harder to make sure bonus content is out before other things in a given month.

Commissions: 1
In August I completed one commission for Rachel Davis of Uncle Sam and the VA. I've got a description for one more for Jeremy Labs that I'm working on currently. Then I need to follow-up with Brian McCann who won in July and I'm not sure if he got my email. And then I'll pull the raffle for August probably tomorrow.

I don't think I got any marketing research done this month. I did spend a bit more time researching things for the comics themselves -- looking up references for Chewbacca, R2D2, the Millenium Falcon, and some articles about Trayvon Martin for the next page of Amity's story, which is the climax of that conversation. I'm nervous about it, but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm going to get it out there and move on to the next awesome thing! :D

Ad Campaigns: Even when I'm not talking about it, much of my time is spent on advertising. Managing my ads by hand is the only way I know to get the best return on investment for my budget. With a larger budget for advertising, I might not worry about squeezing every penny out of it. The $100-150/mo I have gets me very little return without another 20-60 hours a month managing that expense. I get at least twice as much return on investment over Project Wonderful's campaign system, probably a lot more, I'm not sure exactly how much.

It drives a LOT more traffic to the site, and not just random eyeballs, it's people who actually stay and read the comics! It's just frustrating, despite knowing that it works, that I find myself routinely at the end of three solid days of doing NOTHING but managing my advertising and then scrambling to get comics made. These are the many hours I put in doing the hard and entirely not-fun tasks that need to get done to promote Woohooligan, because I do love it, because making you guys laugh is a real labor of love! :)

My ads were down through the first half of the month due to a lack of funds. In the latter half of the month, I started a new experiment, featuring ads from the recent Batman and Star Wars comics. Previously all my ads were linked to my goals page, encouraging people to read my goals first (though obviously, anyone could simply skip straight to the comics). I would alter the URL to the goals page slightly for each ad, so I could measure how effective they are. These new ads link to the comic page with the call-out to the Patreon and the results are promising!

In the Google Analytics graphs below, the dark line is number of sessions and the light-blue line is the average pages per session, so when the light blue line rises, readers are more engaged!

I'll check back on this in another few weeks to see how they compare.

I've also paused all of my Project Wonderful ads that aren't in Europe and North America. When I first started advertising I figured I needed to advertise anywhere I could get traffic, but now that I've been doing this for several years, I'm thinking it might not benefit me to spend money advertising to the rest of the world where most people aren't native English speakers. It seems unlikely that I'm going to get a lot of people sharing my comics or buying them in predominantly Latin or Asian countries. That means I'm not advertising to Australia and New Zealand either, but I'm thinking that's probably okay.

Other Promotion: Unknown
This entails non-paid contacting of bloggers and podcasters about reviews and/or interviews. Tiffany started helping me out with this in June... one of the kids unfortunately got something unpleasant on Tiffany's computer and she had to take a few days to clean it out. It appears to be okay now and the kids won't be using her computer unsupervised from now on, although I think that and other things around the house have kept her from contacting anyone this month.

When I started writing this update I was a little frustrated because I felt like I hadn't accomplished much in August. Now that it's done I realize I put more time into Woohooligan this month than I realized! A lot of that was advertising, but there was also tagging the archive so you guys can find what you're looking for on Patron, the Open Letter to Hecklers, updating the banners on my goals page and publishing links to all the eBooks for the Dilithium Members.

So that's it for now! You want more laughs, right? So go share those comics! :D

Let the Wookiee Win!

Stay tuned and stay awesome, Hooligans!