In order to make sure I can make good with all of the milestone and reward goodness, I am working to have the content related to those things made well in advance. The only real exception is the sketchbook rewards, as those will require communicating with those who pledged that much after the end of the month. That said, here is an excerpt from one of the reward commentaries I've already written. I swear it will at least sort of make sense in the context of the comic commentary it's in: "Have you ever seen a wombat in person? I don’t think I have. Maybe I have. Do they have wombats in zoos? I mostly know of wombats from a Magic: The Gathering card that featured a wombat. When I first saw it, I assumed it was some manner of mythical bat creature, and was perplexed by how it didn’t look all that bat-like, but I chalked that up to the “wom” part. I just figured it was like a regular bat, but “wom”."
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