Hello cool kids! We've made it to over $200! That's approaching the amount I make monthly from ad revenue on my videos which has long been my biggest source of income outside of freelance work. This is awesome. The idea that it's really possible for this to get somewhere near an amount I could actually pay my bills with blows my mind. For those of you who don't know I'm about to make a trip to New York for 'Mineorama' where I'll be helping the YoYo games dudes (Who have awesomely paid for me to go out there) demo game maker to people. I've been spending some time prepping for this and haven't been able to do videos but I'm hoping I can get my first Q&A video up before I go. When I get back around the 15th of July I'll be working on some new Platformer content as requested. I'll be tying up a few loose ends, getting my older content updated and introducing a few new cool things into the mix as well. Lots of plans. I can't thank you enough for your continued support. Every dollar is making a difference to my life. If my monthly amount continues to rise this content might actually finally become a sustainable full time thing. And that would be amazing on so many levels. -S
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