Hello Patrons of Music Mission! It feels good to be here and connected. Thanks for joining and having confidence in what we are doing as we go from the ground up. We are out to Guadalajara today to play at the Jalisco Jazz Fest, where I will see a few of the students, and the incredible Orchestra director Vladimir Medina, that we worked with at CECAM down in the mountains of Oaxaca. Here's a short interview with a young cornet player from Oaxaca the night of our concert together in Mexico City. (Click on the little Video archive in the upper right). We're getting closer to our milestone of 2500 dollars and when that happens a full documentary, EP, and the sheet music of our work with CECAM will be up. You'll get to meet the students and musicians, connect, download new music, and see how we've been able to have an impact. Thanks again for joining. Just getting started.
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